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Introduction to Facials – Hollistic & Gua Sha

This unit has been designed for those individuals new to the industry! Our Facial course covers essential skills for any therapist; all of us want clear, blemish free skin with minimised signs of aging and to benefit from a relaxing treatment.

To provide the most beneficial treatments, it is important to have the knowledge to understand and identify the specific skin types, conditions, and requirements of individuals in order to tailor facial skincare treatments and even make them bespoke to your clients needs. 

This facial gua sha training course will change the way you look at health and beauty forever. You will experience the life-changing effects of gua sha and discover the endless benefits of ancient Chinese self-care techniques. Gua Sha is the missing link in our skincare routine. And when you learn how to harness the power of these remarkable tools, they offer a truly integrated approach to wellness, health and beauty.

You will cover various units:

  • ​Workplace safety

  • Health and Safety

  • Anatomy and physiology -L3

  • Infection control 

  • First aid

  • Product training

  • Facial process

  • Client selection and consultation

  • Facial massage techniques and drainage 

  • Steam and extraction

  • Client skin assessment

  • The ageing process


Structure of course: 

  • Pre learning and research tasks 

  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology ​

*Urban Aesthetics UK will only train Medical professionals in Aesthetics, although beauty therapists can apply for our beauty courses and beauty mentorship programs.

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