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Image by Dominique Rivas

Chemical Peels

An in-depth course that will cover the key ingredients of peels and their significance in relation to your client's goals. We offer peel training in 4T medical peels as well as the Bio Simulation PMP peels.

  • ​Advanced anatomy and physiology with a main focus on the skin and PH levels

  • Skin analysis techniques 

  • Different variants of peels and suitability to certain skin types 

  • The science behind the peels 

  • How to tailor a peel to your clients skin needs 

  • Photoaging classifications and scales 

  • The legalities 

  • The products 

  • The process!  

We have an insurance portal allocated to our students that you can log on to upon completion of our course and gain insurance! The very next day! 
Your course will be delivered by one of our elite, qualified and experienced trainers in small groups of students- one to one requests can be arranged! You will all gain access to the urban beauty school private page when you qualify with regular offers on products, stock and first come first served access to our courses!! 

Structure of course: 

  • Pre learning and research tasks 

  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology 

  • Practical day with multiple models

*Urban Aesthetics UK will only train Medical professionals in Aesthetics, although beauty therapists can apply for our beauty courses and beauty mentorship programs.

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