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Our mentorships can take place currently over two locations: one in Kent and the other in Glasgow. 



Winner - South East Aesthetics Clinic 2022

Founded over 6 years ago, Rochester-based La Ross Aesthetics is an established medical aesthetics and wellness practice.


The clinic is a luxurious space boasting a number of comfortable treatment rooms and has the industry’s most advanced technology.


La Ross offers an array of services, from beauty therapies such as the Hydro2 Facials, specialist massage, and prescription skincare, to health services including general checkups, pre and post-surgical support, supplements, counselling and weight loss therapies.


Within the clinic we have multiple registered professionals and are partnered with Bio ID Health, The Slimming Clinic UK and Dermalux. 

laross desk.jpg


The name Est-Ethics is formed by the combination of two core principles that govern our practice and ethos: Aesthetics and Ethics.

At Est-Ethics Clinic, we bring the quest for wellness and beauty together with excellent moral principles. We believe in honest aesthetic practice with integrity, and respect to the harmony of human nature.

Our founders are experienced clinicians committed to professional development and curating a

team of leading experts in their respective fields. This team of experts offers you the best possible
care in our state-of-the-art clinic at the heart of Glasgow City Centre.

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