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Pre-course Quiz

Critical thinking: ARQs (assertion reasoning questions)

These questions consist of two statements:
• an assertion, and
• a reason.

You must first determine whether each statement is TRUE or FALSE.

• If both statements are true, you must next determine whether the reason correctly explains the assertion. The answer will be option 1 or option 2.
• If one statement is true and the other is false then the answer is option 3 or option 4, depending on which of the statements is correct.
• If both statements are false, then the answer is option 5.

There is one option for each possible outcome.


A = the Assertion

Skin forms a barrier between the internal environment of the body and the external environment

R = the Reason

Skin is a tissue layer that covers the body surface


A = the Assertion

The stratum basale of the epidermis continually produces new cells by mitosis (cell division)

R = the Reason

The epidermis contains cells that become filled with keratin


A = the Assertion

Cyanosis is discolouration of skin and mucous membranes due to hypoxia

R = the Reason

Melanocytes are cells in skin that produce the pigment melanin


A = the Assertion

Vasodilation of arterioles in the dermis is an important effector response to a cold stimulus

R = the Reason

When blood supply to skin capillary loops is increased, heat loss through the skin is minimised


A = the Assertion

Skin plays an essential role in homeostasis of body temperature (thermoregulation)

R = the Reason

Blood vessels in the dermis dilate in response to injury, making skin feel warm

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